Over Fifty Five Years of Experience

We have proudly served producers on The North Dakota Oilfield for over fifty five years. Double EE has had the privilege to worked together with the very people that make the oil and gas industry thrive in Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. Over the years, much of our success can be attributed to our major product lines from Kimray and Western Chemical Pumps. As a major distributor of high-end oilfield equipment and field service provider.


The History of Double EE

With a petroleum engineering degree from the University of Wyoming, Russell “RD” Evitt and his wife Lilian first came to The North Dakota Oilfield with a firm called “Core Lab” in the summer of 1957. Work was demanding for a husband and father of three boys. It was obvious that RD needed another way to provide for his growing family. With the help of a local businessman, RD purchased a Dynamometer to “weigh wells” and started what was known as Evitt Engineering.

He saw a need that was not being met in the recalibration of pressure gauges. With the use of a Dead Weight Tester, he started the calibration service first in the basement of the home and then moved to the garage. RD was self-taught, learning the business on his own and soon built his own instrument to test and calibrate the meter’s differential pressure. During the early years, RD was never favorable to having his name out front. The current name came from a costumer who upon seeing RD come in through the doorway exclaimed “Here comes Ole’ Double E!” The rest is history.


History Continued...

In 1974, Kimray, Inc., a valve manufacturer allowed us to be their master distributor throughout Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. In 1976, we made a contact with Western Chemical Pumps that lead to us distributing their product, which has become the standard chemical pump for this area. During the 1980’s, we expanded our product line to Clif Mock Company and Durabla, providing quality liquid measurement and sampling products as well as spring assisted check valves.

The 1990’s were steady but challenging. There were tough times ahead for the oil industry, but the advent of Horizontal Drilling Changed everything. We have since added a new repair facility, test and calibration, welding and fabrication, gas measurement sales & service as well as sales locations in Bowman and Belfield allowing us to broaden our product offerings to facilitate the ever-changing needs of the oilfield. The 2000’s have brought nothing but endless growth for the entire region. We have since added a new repair facility and broadened our product lines. We expect the new millennium will continue to be filled with opportunity and prosperity