Qualified Technicians

Our qualified technicians can get your equipment calibrated for you or get you the test & calibration equipment you need for your company. To guard against an incorrect measurement of any kind, our technicians can routinely calibrate or test your pressure, temperature and Signal Instruments.

  • Calibration of Pressure, Temperature and Signal Instruments
  • Pressure and Temperature Gauge Calibration and Certification
  • Chart Recorder Calibration
  • Dead Weight Tester Certification
  • Repair the MaxPro Test Systems
  • Repair of Air Driven Maximator Test Pumps
  • Test or Calibrate Torque Wrenches

Quality Manufacturers

We work with quality manufacturers for the best test and calibration equipment on the market. We bring these excellent products to the oil and gas industry for North Dakota and Montana.

Manufacturers Represented:

  • Crystal Engineering
  • MaxPro Technologies
  • Ralston Instruments
  • Barton Chart Recorders
  • TechCal Chart Recorders
  • Spy Jeep Detectors
  • Ametek Test & Calibration
  • NoShok
  • Rice Hydro
  • ThermoProbe
  • Knapp Poly Pigs
  • Pelican Products
  • PIE (Practical Instrument Electronics, Inc.)
  • Reotemp Instruments
  • ThermoProbe Inc.
  • SuperLok USA Valves and Fittings
  • Tinker & Rasor